Caldron Falls Bar & Grill

World Championship Hog Wrestling

Hog Wrestling 2019- July 20th, 2019

Gates open at 9:30am

For any Hog Wrestling information or to sign up teams contact Steve at (352)586-8695

Future Hog Wrestling Dates-

2019- July 20th, 2019

2020- July 18th, 2020


As always we will be having a great fireworks display to wrap it all up!


The Music of Hog Wrestling 2017

44 Audible

Baggage on the Runway 2

Baggage on the Runway

The Hog Wrestling Tradition at the Caldron Falls Bar & Grill

Traditions are made up of 2 things: Dedication and Having a Good Time. It is no wonder then that the Caldron Falls Bar and Grill Hog Wrestle has been a tradition now for 30 years!  Never before has there been such a display of skill and strength, brain and brawn, mind and might. If you have yet to participate in our annual Hog Wrestling Tradition, then mark it on your calender and be prepared to let the good times roll.

What exactly is hog wrestling?
Hog wrestling is a competition where four person teams enter the mud pit/arena and try to catch a hog and lift it up onto a padded barrel. The porkers are clearly in their element, the competitors clearly are not. The whole thing ends up being a tremendous amount of fun.  We have been hog wrestling here for many years now, and it has become quite an event. Literally thousands of people make the pilgrimage to the Caldron Falls Bar each July to witness the spectacle.


Some videos you say?

Here are a few that you put on YouTube


Monday-Friday: 11:30am to Close
Saturday & Sunday 11 – Close
Closed Tuesdays

Caldron Falls Bar & Grill

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For any Hog Wrestling information or to sign up teams contact Steve at 352-586-8695