Caldron Falls Bar and Grill

Hog Wrestling Capitol of the World!

Past Winners

2016 Women’s Champions
1st Place:    Sizzle Grizzle

2016 Men’s Champions
1st Place:    Winnebago County Swine Wranglers
2nd Place:  Hog Knuckles
3rd Place:   Peta


2015 Women’s Champions
1st Place:  31.40 Seconds  Pink Ladies
2nd Place: 35.35 Seconds  Pigalicious
3rd Place:  41.23 Seconds  Flirty & Dirty

2015 Men’s Champions
1st Place:    5.25 Seconds  Ham Siams
2nd Place:  7.03 Seconds  Jesus & the 3 Wise Men
3rd Place:   7.06  Seconds  Curt Ham’s Last Stand


2014 Women’s Champions

1st Place:  42.4 Seconds  Pink Ladies
2nd Place:  43.88 Seconds    Flirty & Dirty

2014 Men’s Champions

1st Place:  7.26 The Grapplers
2nd Place:   8.1 Spider Pigs
3rd Place:  8.3 Baumans Suck


2013 Women’s Champions
1st Place:   32.3 Seconds  Pink Ladies
2nd Place: 36.3 Seconds  Baconettes
3rd Place:  47.2 Seconds  Smokey & the Bacon Bandits

2013 Men’s Champions
1st Place:  4.8 Seconds  Double D
2nd Place:  5.2 Seconds  Stripper Piggies
3rd Place:  8.0 Seconds  Grapplers


2012 Women’s Champions
1st Place:  20.96 Seconds  Ollie’s Oinkers
2nd Place:  34.60 Seconds  The Demented Pink Ladies
3rd Place:  38.24 Seconds  The Ham Honeys

2012 Men’s Champions
1st Place:  6.91 Seconds  Buchenauers & Sons
2nd Place:  7.90 Seconds  Wildman Hoggers Blue
3rd Place:  7.53 Seconds  TIE – Illinois Pork and Porken Ain’t Easy


2011 Women’s Champions
1st Place: 14.84 seconds  Hogs & Kisses
2nd Place:  27.19 seconds  The Hogaholics
3rd Place:  30.16 seconds  Banties’ Panties

2011 Men’s Champions
1st Place:  5.40 seconds  The Other White Meat
2nd Place:  6.53 seconds  Whipoorwill Inn
3rd Place: 6.59 seconds  Indepentent Plummer